Rainbow High Junior S2 Children Fashion Styling Kids Play Doll Stella Monroe

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Rainbow High Junior Fashion Doll Series 2 Stella Monroe 6+
Not many can claim that they were literally raised in a castle, but nothing about Stella Monroe's life has been typical. The daughter of a marquess in a family that can trace their lineage back to kings and queens, Stella was born in the lap of luxury and has been trying to escape it ever since. While she was going to all the parties, walking all the runways and meeting everybody who's anybody, Stella found her true passion wasn't in the spotlight, but behind the scenes — hairstyling. She became the go-to hairstylist for all her posh friends and relatives, and her ability to style hair from classic and clean to outrageous larger-than-life masterpieces caught the attention of Rainbow High's recruiters, and Stella knew her acceptance was the big break she needed to take her skills and her style to the next level.

Dimensions Approx.
28cm - Doll height

1 x Doll with accessories

Recommended Age Range 6+

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