Rainbow High Holiday Edition Collector Doll Roxie Grand Fashion Doll 2022

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Product Features:

  • RAINBOW HIGH CELEBRATES THE HOLIDAYS: Our collectible doll- Roxie Grand is ready to celebrate the holiday in diamonds and sparkle. She comes wearing an iridescent organza dress embellished with 683 rhinestones, diamond accessories, and sparkle shoes. Great gift for kids and Collectors.
  • MOVABLE STAND: Roxie Grand has impeccable style and is not shy in the spotlight. She comes with a movable stand that can shift left to right- perfect for any camera moment.
  • SHOWSTOPPER STYLE: At Rainbow High, she’s the queen bee of styling — nicknamed “The Boss”. She’s styling the gowns for the Rainbow Divas big Rainbow Vision performance, and she’s bringing her A game! She comes wearing a gorgeous mermaid gown with 683 rhinestones embroidered all along the top and bottom ruffle of the dress, diamond heels, and six stackable diamond bracelets, a pair of sculpted earrings, and a bold gem necklace.
  • STUNNING MULTICOLOR HAIR: Her hair sparkles as much as her outfit. She has long brushable iridescent hair that is pulled back in a fierce ponytail to showcase her beautiful glass eyes and long lashes.
  • STYLING ACCESSORIES: Roxie is smart, and a force to be reckoned with. She comes wearing drool-worthy jewellery: six different diamond shapes and colour bracelets, a pair of emerald diamond earrings with the RH logo, and a diamond necklace with a cushion cut gem. Perfect for mix & match fun.
  • PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE PACKAGING: The luxe collector box is the perfect gift for the Holidays. This special edition box is shaped as a diamond facet with Roxie Grand featured in the middle. She comes on a matching stand, for any camera-ready poses, which can swivel back and forth to showcase the gorgeous dolls.
  • POSE HER ON DOLL STAND: Roxie is fully articulated and posable, her arms and legs bend for so many glamorous poses or you can display her on the included doll stand.
  • WATCH ON YOUTUBE & NETFLIX: Get to know Roxie and her friends from Rainbow High™ on the animated series on YouTube & Netflix. Just search for Rainbow High Dolls" or “Shadow High Dolls!

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